The school will offer Petroleum Engineering Programs based on integrated approach of relevant basic sciences and engineering and Oil & Gas industry technology operations with emphasis on the application of these knowledge base to exploration, drilling, production and reservoir engineering and management. The programs will be designed with active participation of the Industry and will seek also to equip students with both academic and application skills.

Apart from the full time programmes, the school will also offer Short-term Certificate programmes for working executives and other professionals to keep them abreast of the latest managerial and applied developments in the Energy and Oil & Gas Sector. The  school plans to establish full-fledged Research & Development activities to solve operational problems of the Industry.
Academic and Certificate Programs - March 2012

  1. B.E  Oil and Gas Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering)
  2. B.E Petroleum and Off-shore Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering) 
  3. B.T Oil Technology (Bachelor of Technology)
  4. Diploma in Oil and Gas Engineering