Purpose Of The Foundation School

Our Foundation School is designed for those desiring to gain admission into any Weston College Diploma and Degree Courses Scheduled to take off in March 2012 (1st Stream) and September 2012 (2nd Stream).
The Foundation School program is a (one)1 year Program, designed for Senior High school leavers who desire to better their knowledge and skills before embarking on their college degrees.

The primary purpose of the Foundation School program is to introduce students to the benefits and advantages of college and University Education. It is intended to help student develop the skills, knowledge, understanding and attitudes required and also ensure that they obtain the best possible benefit from their college and university experience.

The Weston Foundation School will help students to:

  1. Gain admission into the Diploma and Degree programs of Weston College and other partner colleges and Institutions.
  2. Gain a better understanding of what to expect and how to cope during and after college
  3. Acquire life changing skills and confidence in self
  4. Re-orient their minds on how to maximize their potential
  5. Be admonished to be more responsible and build moral character
  6. Make better choices on program of study and career options