About Weston College


“Our vision is to enable students to fulfil their potential through excellent teaching and strong support and guidance, all within a state-of-the-art learning environment.”
Our philosophy:
‘If at first you don’t succeed try try again’
Thomas H. Palmer
We believe that all students have equal prospects and obstacles; what makes the difference is how individual strengths and needs are identified and developed.
Weston College is dedicated to ensuring that the strengths and needs of each student is properly profiled and developed. Students are introduced to the basic principles of each subject area and then nurtured under the right conditions with interactive tutoring and mentoring to enhance and unearth each student’s true potential and ability. We employ a tried and tested rules of engagement, which guarantees high student participation within a small classroom setting and allows the lecturer to devote his attention to each student’s special needs.
The Crest:
This is an abstracted eagle in a shield. This depicts strength, excellence and protection.
 Our Colours:
  1. Green depicts fresh thinking and creativity whereas
  2. Dark blue depicts professionalism, loyalty stability and reliability.
Our  Motto:
Glorior, Diligentia , Lentesco stand for PRIDE, DILIGENCE & RESILIENCE.